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 Importance of Computer in Education

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 The computer and its related technologies are primal ingredient in education for participation in present and future society. It not only makes things easy and fast but also enhances the quality of learning. Today it forms the essential components of school education in the form of e-classes and digital classrooms. For teachers, it is a tool for lesson preparation. The internet, in particular, keeps the teacher up to date when they join in forums and blogs about teaching practices, etc. Online courses are also available for adding to their credentials. 

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The computer can also be a tool for learning in many areas of the curriculum. By using word processing and presentation software, polished presentations of creative writing or research reports prepare students to meet the expectations of today's world. Music classes can be made dynamic when students are allowed to explore compositions using various computer software. Teachers are constantly discovering new ways to integrate computers into their teaching. 


 In2020, when the whole world was in despair, trying to find ways to deal with the epidemic. Meanwhile, the markets were shut down, schools were closed, and people were confined within the periphery of their home. In a time of crisis, the computers came as a harbinger of hope. Markets and schools were reopened on computers. Students were getting online lectures with digital graphics that helped them in better learning. It was the computer because of which the education of students did not stoped in the time of crisis. Also, various apps and computer technology foods and other essentials were bought and sold, minimizing the risk of covid infection.

 School essays| 500words essay

 The computer finds a wide variety of applications in different spheres of life. With an increase in their widespread use and their increasing popularity, it has revolutionized the whole teaching and learning process. Thus, it would not be far fetched to say computer education has become a need of the day.

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