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 AIDS: A Deadly Disease

written by Rajan Pathak


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AIDS has taken the form of an epidemic today in the whole of the world. There is hardly any country left on the planet that is not being moved by its influence. Its fright is spreading like forest fire. This deadly disease was first detected in 1970 in Africa. It thrived there due to wrong and unprotected sex practices and unhealthy circumstances of the Africans. This disease reached Haiti. The Americans used to visit Hatti for recreation. As a result, they were affected by this disease. Very soon, the complete America was adversely affected by this disease by the end of the decade of 1970. By the beginning of 1980, This fatal disease started spreading in the world. It was estimated that the number of people suffering from AIDS in America become double within 8-9 months. Though the research work on AIDS is being done at a large scale in America.

 Expansion of Disease:

According to the survey of the World Health Organization, "The disease called AIDS had spread in 74 countries of the world. 31,646 AIDS patients have come into the light by 1990. The research work on AIDS was being done at a large scale in America, Canada, Tanzania, Zaire, France, Denmark, Ger- many, Japan, Switzerland, Africa, Australia, and many Asian countries. There were 27,166 AIDS patients in America, 3,127 in Europe, 1,008 in Africa, 293 in Australia and New Zealand, and 52 AIDS patients in 7 Asian countries."

 History of AIDS in India:

 The survey for AIDS in India was started in 1985. This disease was found in 10 prostitutes of Madras in April 1986. There were about 1,20,000 people affected by AIDS in India. The number of AIDS patients was 763 in 21 States of India in January 1989, which increased to 5,879 in September 1991. According to the Union Ministry of Health. According to the World Health Organisation, 5,00,000 people were expected to be suffering from AIDS. The first AIDS patient was identified in Uttar Pradesh in 1987.


International development authority provides the help of 229.5 crore rupees for the prevention and control of AIDS in India. The center has prepared a comprehensive National Assistance Project related to AIDS. Wherein 270 crores of rupees are allotted. This project will be completed in five years. It is said that necessary things and other amenities are provided to States and Union Territories for prevention and control of AIDS.

National AIDS Control Programme :

The second phase of the National AIDS Control Programme was started in 1999. There are two main aims of this program-First, to bring down the level of H.I.V. infection in India, and Second, to strengthen the capacity of central and State Governments to fight against AIDS. All the States and Union Territories have organized their AIDS control committees. The Central Government provides technical, managerial, and financial resources to these committees through the National Control Organisation so that these programs can be implemented. According to available nationwide data, there were 35 lakh people in 2000, 39 Lakh 70 thousand people in 2001, 45 lakh 80 thousand people in 2002, 49 lakh 10 thousand people in 2003, and 51 lakh 34 thousand people in 2004 suffering from AIDS.  There is no cure for AIDS so far in medical science. The research work is still being in process in this field. Prevention of this disease is better than the cure. If a person is infected with AIDS, then he should go to the District Hospital for treatment. The Government has provided free medical facilities for the AIDS-infected people.

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 Conclusion :

 According to our constitution, every person has the right to live with dignity even if he is an AIDS-infected, he has a full right to live in society with honor. The AIDS-infected person should not be socially boycotted. This is not a hereditary disease. A person should not be blamed if he has been injected with infected blood. If a wife is infected with AIDS due to his husband then she should not be blamed. The social boycott of these suffers is not morally correct. The AIDS patients have the right to live in society and family. According to the constitution, they should get all the facilities of the general citizens.


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