Essay on self help is the best help| 300 words essay on self help| best help Essays| School essays

 Essay on self help is the best help| School essays

self help is best help

"God helps those who help themselves."

Self-help is one of the strong pillars of success as it is a great human quality. It is the quality of being able to work out one's ain problems without taking help from others. The ones who procure this habit are the ones who plunge through the difficult times. Spoon-feeding can never make a man successful in the long walk of life.
 A person with self-reliance is always inundated with tons of courage, determination, and self-confidence. He may suffer in life but will never lose. Difficulties do not frighten him but rather motivates him to achieve the impossible on his own terms. Hardship can not stop him from going ahead. So his life is full of adventures and challenges. 

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Many people believe in luck and destiny. Such people are always shaky and undecided. They wait for success through luck. For them, their fate is responsible for their rise or fall. They always rely on others, be it their luck or any person. That's why they never grow in life as their achievements are limited. The day they start helping themselves, their fate may change.

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The process of intaking this habit starts with making the bed in the morning of their own. This small task helps to accomplish the first task of the day. That for reciprocation gives a small sense of pride which in return encourages one to do another task without others help and another and another. By the end of the day, that one undertaking completed will have resulted in many tasks completed without others help.
Ultimately, the practice of self-help brews such a human being, who takes on challenges in life, always poised for whatever comes his avenue, and stand out strongly like a leader.

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