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Cbse English article on Advertisement as source of Information

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CBSE BOARD YEAR QUESTION: While watching T.V. what we generally dislike most are commercial breaks yet, many advertisements add to our information. Write an article in about 150-120 words on 'Advertisement as a source of information' You are Karuna/Karan.  (OD Set II)

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Sample  Answer:

Advertisements as a Source of Information

By- Karun

Advertisements have certainly penetrated deep into every phase of our day-to-day dealings, our discussions, our perception to an inevitable degree such that they dominate our behavior as customers and consumers of goods and services. Advertisements appeal to our attention through every square on the roads, newspapers, journals, billboards, stores, and showrooms. From radio and television to the terrace of towering buildings and public transports, advertisements have left no stone unturned to publicize their brand. They have apprehended the market. In today's world, the market is dependent on advertisement so much that even the darkness of the city is lightened by thousands of neon glow billboards blazoning, attracting, and demanding our attention.

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What is more annoying and disturbing is that they don't even spare our mobile phones. From watching a video on youtube to surfing on any website, advertisements have crept into smaller and insignificant things of our life.
Clearly, it is no more any hidden fact that an effective advertisement can increase the trade of even a third rate and futile products.  But on the other hand, they aware the viewers of the diverse commodities accessible and augments their choices.

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The commercial advertisements notify us of the cost of merchandise, attract us with sale & discount offers. It also tells us about the quality of the product, use, and value. These factors influence our decision as consumers and customers buying these commodities.
Whereas the non-commercial advertisements are more like a communication thread between  NGOs or the government and the citizens. These advertisements are published chiefly in the public interest. Such advertisements spread social awareness among the mass.

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Hence it suffices to say advertisements are an incredible source of information and play a vital purpose in the preferences that we make for necessary and unnecessary things in life. Though not free from demerits, but it won't be far fetched to say that it is nearly impossible to imagine today's world without advertisements. 

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