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 Essay on High Tech Devices – A Boon or Bane| sample board essay

High Tech Devices – A Boon or Bane

CBSE board year essay question :You are xyz. You have seen the following news item in a newspaper.
"Video games, the Internet, cell phones, and other high-tech gear are just part of growing up in a digital world. But parents are concerned about the amount of time their children spend with these and worry that it might be distracting to them and cramping their academic and social development".  
Write an article in about 250 words describing both the benefits and drawbacks of using these high-tech devices. ||Board question||


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 Sample answer for cbse board question:

High Tech Devices – A Boon or Bane 

By xyz

The High-tech devices were developed to benefit people in a positive way. It has been helping people to obtain knowledge with ease. Searching a book for any information takes a long time while it can be done in seconds through the Internet. So basically, we have fast access to any information through the Internet. All the great discoveries of science and technology help us in speeding up our work. Any work can be done more easily and efficiently with the help of modern technologies (right from household work to office work). Our day-to-day life results in interacting with various people. We grow a bond of affection with some people. But unfortunately, it's not possible to hold physical talks with everyone all the time. Here, technology comes in to rescue, it helps us in establishing healthy communication with them very easily. In one or the other way, technology and the Internet are constantly helping us with our daily lives. It won't be far fetched to say that it's impossible to imagine a life without technology and the Internet.

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As every coin has two sides likewise, the other flip of high-tech gadgets has alarming issues. The problem is that we've started depending on these high-tech gadgets so much that accretionary we are deteriorating our self-efficiency.

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 High Tech Devices – A Boon or Bane
Today millennial's have more friends on the internet than in real life. Video games are traumatizing the very growing brains of teenagers. Mobile phones and other gadgets have inundated their childhood with violence, anger, and distraction. Kids are slowly turning themselves so much addicted to the internet that they can be prone to various diseases too. Scientists believe that radiation from mobile phones can cause blurring vision, headache, and earaches that may be a reason for cancer too.

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High-tech gadgets are full of various platforms; some are beneficial while, others can be harmful.
    Yes, there's nothing made to harm anyone purposely. But what might be dangerous is the time we invest while using these platforms and indulging ourselves in its vicinity.

We need to respect the threshold of the usage of the internet and high-tech devices. The Internet is a boon to society as long as we use it into the limits of taking care of ourselves. The moment we cross the limits, it turns out to be a bane.

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