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 Cbse Board essay question 2017: To have fairer skin is obsession in our society. Demand for fair brides in matrimonial columns and sale of fairness creams are evidence enough. Write an article in 200-250 words giving your views on  Beautiful mind, better than a fairer complexion.

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Beautiful mind, better than a fairer complexion


The intelligence of the mind and benevolence of the heart does not take its complexion from the skin. There is nothing like the best color. It is we who have set fairer skin as a parameter of goodness. But, is it only the looks that should matter, or should it be the heart too?


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In India, people are crazy about fair skin tone. Be it the demand for brides in matrimonial ads or, be it the demand for salesperson in job ads, everyone demand for fair skin people. That is why everyone wants to have fair and clear skin. Whereas, In Western countries, people are crazy about getting tanned skin in summers. Also, they pay a good amount to get tanned skin. There, people are inclined more towards fair actions rather than fair skin. 

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Then from why do we Indians feel the urge to lighten our skin tone? Well, it is the cosmetic companies that have branded white as the best skin tone. Every company claims to lighten complexion in 7 days or within 3 weeks if used regularly As a result, a plethora of products are used by people to make their skin look fair or to lighten their complexion. The cosmetic market has tons of business daily. In this way, they make a huge profit by fooling people who believe fairer skin as best.

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It is high time that we need to understand that We are all supposed to be different. Our brown skin has its own beauty and it perfectly suits us Indians. We are made that way.

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What matters is if we have a beautiful heart under the skin. We need to focus on being good human beings only that will take us somewhere in life.

Not to forget, beauty is only skin deep. It is something that will stay only for a short period of time. Whereas, a positive character is eternal. Our behavior and attitude in society is what that actually matters. People judge us by our actions and not by the shade of skin.

So it is high time we stop the discrimination of people based on their skin tone.

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