Essay on Sex Education: A Controversy |UPSC essay on Sex education| School essays

 Sex Education: A Controversy|school essays| UPSC essays


 As a matter of fact, sex power is basically the mating ability, but it can wreak havoc if no proper guidance is given to youths. The proper and authentic knowledge is necessary for controlling and making good use of it. When the curiosity of teenagers regarding reproductive organs is not quenched then, such complexes are developed in them, which had bad effects on their physical, mental, and social health. 


Many a time, the silent attitude of parents on this subject is responsible for a shabby, unbalanced, and disorganized personality of the child. The child adopts an unhealthy and immature outlook towards sex and makes things complicated and destroys his mental health in confusion, and often ends up following the path of immorality. He entangles himself in antisocial acts and becomes a sexual offender.  Teenagers can be saved from the above consequences if they are nursed with proper and natural sex education along with the education of other things.

 Meaning of Sex Education

The sexual feelings and interest is naturally present in every living creature. The sexual attitude has an important role in the life of an individual. The evolution of sexual attitudes differs from person to person. Providing knowledge to a child about a healthy sexual attitude is called sex-education. The scientific erudition concerning the role of genitals, the process of childbirth, and the validity of relations is proffered under sex education. According to Acharya Haribhai Trivedi, "Until we will not understand the real creative form of sex, and suppress it religiously, morally and through social outlook, till then we will not be able to provide the true scientific knowledge regarding sexual attitude. 

 Aims of Sex Education

There are two main aims of providing sex education to teenagers. First, sex education provides scientific knowledge to the children concerning sex organs and their use. Second, the welfare aspect of sex is made clear by sex education. Thus the personality of a child goes suitably developed. If teenagers are not given sex education at the prudish age, then the personality of the child will be deformed. They will not be able to establish alignment with society. Consequently, all the aspects of their life will remain underdeveloped. So, it is clear that the prudish acquaintance of sex education is undeniable.


 Liability of Providing Sex Education

The most important question before us is who is accountable for providing sex education-Father, mother, teacher, or friends? The answer to this question is subjective. Usually, the child receives sex education through his friends. But, the decent medium of sex-education is parents and teachers.  Sex education has specific importance in adolescent age because sex power gets culminated at this age.

Effects of Sex Education

The sex-process is continuously in action in the whole of nature. The children often see the sexual acts of animals like dogs, cats, monkeys, cows, and buffaloes, etc.
Often, people think that children misuse their knowledge if they are told about sexual activities. It will deteriorate their shrine mind. But, if the children misuse sex education, then it implies that the method of providing education was fallacious. There is one more argument that the knowledge of any subject is not bad, but the application is bad. 

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Take the example of fire. We use fire for cooking food, and the same can be misused to put the world on fire. We use the knife for cutting vegetables, and the same can also be used for cutting the neck of a person. Similarly, the knowledge of sex can be used in both ways. Children learn bad habits such as homosexuality and unnatural sex due to the lack of sex- education and destroy their mental peace and health.


The issue of sex-education is raised at the national and international levels. The western countries supported it but, India opposed it strongly. The political and social organizations also stood against it. The government received many letters and S.M.S. of opposing this. Ultimately the Government stopped the sex-education in the country. The contemporary circumstances will determine its future.

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