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Poem on Rakshabandhan

Written by- Rajan Pathak
The festival of Rakshabandhan- Poetry

The bond of love, full of happiness 
It is none other than a brother and sister.
Unsparing owner of his brother's phone
Always interface in every issue
without a single ringtone
Becomes judge in every 
the decision of his brother matters
Her naughtiness is all day scatters
Having full right on brother's wallet 
Always in search of his brother's secrets.
The festival of Rakshabandhan- Poetry
Overburden from all mistakes Which she did
This bond of love which can never split
Blackmail his brother over is secrets
 to take out all his work
But actually, she is a princess of his brother's heart
Doing mistakes and get angry by herself is her art
A constant friend and love which never broke the heart
Head-mounted of his brother
But no matter what the world says
She is only his brother's heart nearer
The heartbeat of a brother 
She is none other than a sister.

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