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Is Artificial intelligence smarter than the human?

_Rajan Pathak
Man V/S AI
Sketched by Vishal Verma
 @emerging writers
In the 21st century, the era of inventions and innovations, quite often this question strikes in our mind that 'Is artificial intelligence be smarter than Human?' Answering these questions often endure on the definition of artificial intelligence.
Artificial intelligence can be introduced as a key technology that has a major impact, not only on our daily life but also on different sectors like defense, education, economy, public administration, medical, scientific areas, and many more. With increasing the level of acceptance of artificial intelligence, it becomes possible to build machines that are so fast and relevant which offers many opportunities for growing business and empowering the public sector.
While human intelligence is the quality of mind that is made up of capabilities to handle any foreign situations, utilizing the learnings from past experiences and having the ability to think and react as per the requirement of the moment, taking prudent decisions are the salient feature of human intelligence. The better thing is that human intelligence is capable to create artificial intelligence.  
Although Artificial intelligence might not be “smarter than humans” in a human sense of the word. But AI has already shown that it can perform a technological evolution. 

Alexa, "tell me something about AI"

 If you are reading this article on your smartphone then you have interacted with artificial intelligence whether you know it or not.
"Smartphones" are one of the finest examples of AI in our daily life. For example, when you are using a smart assistant, it may be google assistant, Alexa, Siri, or any other you should know that these assistants are nothing but artificial intelligence. Moreover, these assistants are capable of delivering news, weather forecasting, playing music, setting alarms, preparing a to-do list, playing audiobooks, and providing many more real-time information.

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From capturing pictures to playing games like  PUBG or Fortnite, we are surrounded by artificial intelligence systems. Adding to it, in our daily life, AI can be seen in the face of  Smart cars, drones, video games, navigation and travel, smart keypad of your smartphone, and many more.
 Robots, undoubtfully the best creation of humans, is also a general example that shows the momentousness of artificial intelligence. It can be said that robots are agents of artificial intelligence that can manipulate the objects based on their fed data.

Hello World, I am Robot, Speed one terahertz, memory one zettabyte

Robot 2.0
Sketched by @rohitbahekar589
In the current world of technological revolution, Artificial Intelligence is the most debated topic and how efficiently AI is working like humans. It can be said that artificial intelligence is taking us by surprise and storm. It has already substituted humans at various workplaces. In the empowerment of artificial intelligence recently India has launched its first national Artificial Intelligence Portal.
Along with humans,  humanoid  (Vyommitra) is one of the crew members of India's ambitious space mission Gaganyaan.  At stations, automated ticket machines have replaced humans. Moreover, in countries like USA robot drivers are efficiently driving cars and other vehicles.
Nowadays during the COVID-19 period, drones are used to sanitize the contaminated areas and in red zone cities. It shows how effectively artificial intelligence has replaced human manual work. Many companies use robots as security guards. Moreover, China has set up mobile courts in which artificial intelligence-powered judges give unbiased judgment. This also shows increasing evolution in the replacement of humans by artificial intelligence. Furthermore, Artificial intelligence has replaced toll collectors with the fast tag at toll plazas on the highway.  Also, it is claimed that by the year 2021 artificial intelligence machines will be able to perform the labor equal to about 5 million manual workers.
It is without any doubt that Artificial intelligence can perform every manual task with more precision and accuracy than humans. But, it must be remembered that all these achievements of  AI are the fruits of pioneering efforts of humans. If AI is the future of intelligence then humans are the epitome of intelligence. It won't be far-fetching to say, humans are  "Lord Brahma- the creator"(god) for artificial intelligence. 

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Artificial intelligence had certainly replace human activities but not to forget human intelligence is a core component in the effective functioning of artificial intelligence. Although AI  can substitute manual work but it can never overshadow human intelligence. The only thing AI lacks is the power to think, it works on already fed data whereas humans can always create and innovate.

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