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Boycott Made in China
Boycott Made in China
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The outbreak of COVID-19 has given rise to this ‘Boycott Made in China’ jingle not only in India but an upsurge of similar anger in other countries can also be seen. Looking through economical lens, this article propounds the need to boycott made in china's goods in contemporary India.

There’s a little bit of China in every product we consume. Today, We buy all kinds of materials ranging from high-end electronics to Diwali lights. From Hindu idols to essential pharmaceutical products everything is imported from China. Even if we wanted to, It is nearly impossible to keep China out of our daily lives. Furthermore, India is a large market not only for Chinese hardware but also for Chinese software. China-based apps such as "Cam scanner, Tik-Tok, share it" and many more add billions of money to Chinese entrepreneurs.

 We (India) import almost seven times more from China than we export to it. Not to forget, by permitting the import of Chinese goods, we have put several local industries out of business that has certainly invited job losses and economic inequalities within our own premises.

A question arises here, “What is the necessity which drives us to import Chinese goods in such a huge quantity?

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Well, the answer lies in the practical economics. As China produces goods at cheaper rates and more efficiently than India. Also, the Indian consumer is price conscious and does not really care whether the goods are made in China or in India, as long as they’re getting the goods at the lowest prices. Also, it is not a hidden fact of how China has been exporting counterfeit products to the world. Even in coronavirus crisis it had supplied faulty and substandard PPE kits not only to India but to the whole world and had earned profit from this business. Adding to it, China had unprecedently raised taxes on raw materials required to make  Hydrochloroqunine the medicine of Malaria.

Line of Actual Control

Boycott Made in China
Financing the enemy?
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Knowingly or unknowingly citizens of India virtually finance China. Simultaneously, these finances are used by China in putting pressure on the LAC in multiple areas. Not to forget China has illegally acquired 38,000 square km, subsuming 15000 square km of the Aksai Chin Plateau. Be it borders at Arunachal Pradesh, Doklam, or Ladakh, China has repeatedly crossed the LAC. This time it has established bunkers on Indian soil. Moreover, it has placed 5000+ soldiers near the LAC and have tried hindering India’s normal patrolling patterns.  India retorted by moving several battalions from an infantry division based in Ladakh to the alert areas and has reinforced an equal number of soldiers.

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Can safeguarding of our borders only be done by putting the lives of soldiers at stake? Don't we consider any responsibilities as individuals ??  As a matter of fact, the answer is subjective but it has opened doors for  the second swadeshi movement

 Swadeshi Movement 2.0

Swadeshi a clamorous uproar for self-reliance was first heard in 1905. The economic strategy that aimed to boycott British products and embrace the home-grown, has made a rapturous comeback, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. This time, the outrage has grown over China's fierce moves along the LAC. Directly or indirectly, China has always been posing aggressively against Indian interests.
Boycott Made in China
Remove China App is used to identify
 China-based app and uninstall them
(currently removed from google playstore)
As a result, there have been several nationalists calls for boycotting Chinese goods by avoiding the purchase of Chinese hardware and usage of Chinese software like Tik-Tok, share it, WPS, and many more.

Wallet Not Bullets

Boycott Made in China
Remove Chinese products from daily life
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The Government have protocols and rules to be followed. And, If the Indian Government were to impose trade sanctions against China as it has annoyed India in the geopolitical realm then, of course, China will respond with retaliatory tactics as it did after the US government put sanctions on Chinese goods. This may result in a trade war that is not in favor of both the countries.
But if the movement of “boycotting Chinese goods”, is people-driven then there is no one stopping an Indian from buying things made in India. Citizens of India have the option to rule out Chinese products because as customers, they are the kingmaker, and no one has the authority to ask any questions to the consumers. This time We can teach China a lesson not with the bullets but with our wallets.

The Tough Way

The jingle of boycotting China is easier said than done. Today, the production process is heavily entangled. It is hard to come up with a finished product, that has a singular origin. Every good has different components from various countries. Many Chinese phones and other gadgets are manufactured in India i.e. assembled in India but have roots in China. In today's economy, gadgets/products use the labor and land from China, investment from the US, entrepreneurship from Japan or Korea, and it might use software made in India. In such a scenario it is nearly impossible to isolate China and boycott its products.          
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Moreover, India is woefully scarce in rare-earth metals that are required in the production of solar power equipment, cellphones, laptops, and most other electronic gadgets. China has a 90% global domination in rare earth metals. Hence, it clearly sums up as of today India cannot produce the same goods as cheaply as China produces.

Is Boycott Made in China had any future beyond the realm of sloganeering, and into the domain of policy???
Boycott Made in China
Instagram user
spreading awareness about the
alternative Chinese apps

This time the answer is not subjective it is rather objective. The only practical way to boycott Chinese goods is by producing alternatives at home or by deploying an import-substitution method. However, with the right policies, we can produce (some) goods that may contribute a greater amount in the global production value chain. For that, we need to redistribute our resources, lower the rates at which loans are issued, improve our productivity, free up labor laws, and reform land acquisition policies.


Boycott Made in China
Be Indian Buy Indian
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We were not ready when Corona knocked on the door. Neither did we have enough masks, nor PPE kits, testing facilities, and ventilators. But today we produce more than 4 lakh PPE kits. In fact, we are are the second largest supplier of PPE kits. We (India) have been the ‘pharmacy of the developing world’, ensuring our own public health and of others. Even in crisis, we have supplied 50 million Pills of Hydrochlroqunine to the US. Also, We have a massive textile industry producing world-class textiles. It is high time, we shall revive our local industries — from Banarasi sarees to Made-in-India PPE Kits, embrace the homegrown.

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 This won’t happen overnight, for this we have to switch our preferences, globalize our local brands. We have to be vocal for local, start with Diwali lights and Holi colors. Scientist &Activist, Sonam Wangchuk has given a mantra to remove Chinese hardware from our daily lives within a year and Chinese software within a week.  

“ Great history develops at the time of crisis” 
and the 21st century is our time to make our nation Self Reliant.

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