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 Paid and Fake News

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Article on Paid and Fake News
Paid and Fake News
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 Every day we come across different controversies going around on one or the other topic. We actually are very interested in these sorts of controversies and they grab our attention very easily. This article is to put light on the core of these things and how easily we ignore it.

|Article on Paid and Fake News|

Paid news and Fake Media: A myth or reality

We seek information about what's happening around the globe through the news and the media. But have you ever wondered, why do we believe all of it without even thinking once? Don't you think that there can be things like "Paid news" and "Fake media"?
Basically, paid news is the practice of cash payment or equivalent to journalists and media organizations by individuals and organizations so as to appear in their news articles and to "ensure sustained positive coverage."The widespread of "paid news" practice should be criticized because it diverts the coverage to whoever is willing to pay and selectively presents information to favor the payee, instead of what is significant, complete, and necessary.
Fake media runs with the intent to mislead in order to damage an agency, entity, or person and/or gain financially or politically often using sensationalist, dishonest, or outright fabricated headlines to increase readership.
The Election Commission is reported to have identified more than 1,400 cases of paid news between 2009 and 2013, during which elections were held in 17 states of India.

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           Newspapers and television channels receive funds for publishing or broadcasting information in the favour of particular individuals corporate entities, representatives of political parties and candidates contesting elections, that is sought to be disguised as "news", says Paranjoy G Thakurta and Kalimekolan S Reddy.
Over time, the Internet has grown to unimaginable heights with tons of information coming in all the time. This thing is misused to drag our attention towards the unwanted, untruthful, and misleading information that can be made by anyone.

The reality is that we completely rely on the media in order to seek news, even if the information is "planted" and false. We are left with no option but to listen to them. But we have the option to choose whether to believe it or not. We have brains to think about what we hear. We have the right to make the decision to choose our priorities. Should it be the beautiful lies or should it be the bitter and harsh truth? We have to choose between interesting though irrelevant and sad relevance. We have to wake ourselves up in order to change reality.
Because Paid News and Fake Media is a Reality, not a myth.

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