Ram – The Perfect Man???

Ram – The Perfect Man???

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Ram – The Perfect Man???
Ram- the warrior 
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The popular story of Ramayana, begins with saint Valmiki asking Narad Muni the question “Is there a perfect man?” That’s when Narad muni came with the lord of virtue, Ram who was as kind as he was brave.  Born as a prince, coroneted as the king, but to keep his father’s vow he went into exile with his beautiful bride Sita, the princes of Janakpuri. Sita gets kidnapped and taken to Lanka (present-day Sri Lanka). Ram walked 3000 km, built an army, and turned out the big villain of the story – the Ravan and came home as the victor. And it is not the answer to the question but this impossible journey towards the answer that makes this story worth a thousand retellings.
Timeless and eternal Ramayana, with era based interpretations, is said to end with Prince Ram returning to Ayodhya, after killing the demon king Ravan but the real ending goes even further.

The Less  Perfect world

Ram made Sita his queen and started ruling the nation. Then adversity struck, as the rumors were spread all over the kingdom of their highness Sita being impure, and thus the people demanded one more test. However, before coming to Ayodha, Sita had already proven her chastity by giving up the fire test (it is also interpreted as the process of getting Sita back from the Agni Devta). Sita was devoted to her husband and this time she owes no explanation to the public and decided to live her remaining life in the forest without her husband.

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But, Ram was the king of Ayodhya and a king owes everything to his people. If he kept the demand for his subjects to forsake Sita, he would be unfair to his wife. And, if he forsake his subjects and follow Sita into her second exile, he would be leaving his state headless. Ram, the perfect man in this less than perfect world, has dedicated his life to his duty, but which duty comes first? His duty as a husband or his duty as a king?
Ram – The Perfect Man???
Sketched by Vishal Verma
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“What comes first?”
It’s a question that Ramayana puts forward. But, there is no right answer to this. Moreover, the answer is subjective and this is a question even god struggles with.
 After all, Ram was the king of Ayodhya thus he prioritized his role as king over his role as Sita’s husband.
 Does this make him an “Imperfect Man” or at least an "imperfect husband"? The answer is again subjective.

Once again Sita is taken away from Ram but this time not because of evil Ravan but because of the social evil. Since then, Sita and Ram had never met each other. Although, Ram lived in the palace, but his living conditions were similar to what Sita was enduring in the forest. Even if, circumstances may have separated them. But till the very end, he remained Sita’s husband in Spirit, if not in mind. The perfect man, the man who is said to be the avatar of Lord Visnu dies longing for the love of his life.
You think this was a successful life?

But we still worship Ram, why?

Ram – The Perfect Man???
Lord of Virtue: Ram
PIc Credits IG: @mrkapture

We worship him not because he was the super success of the day. The worthiness of Ram is not in his life situations, but in the way, he conducted himself elegantly throughout his life.

Any one of these events if happens in our lives, most of us would be broken, bitter for the rest of our life, no matter what had happened, he never became bitter, he never became angry, he never became hateful. At no given point in time he lost control over himself, he took all the action that he was supposed to take, though life had thrown tragedies one after another. He remained above them and WE WORSHIP THAT.

you are reading Ram – The Perfect Man???

Ram as a man, the epitome of all things right and correct, has shown mankind a way to conduct itself in adversity. It doesn’t matter which path Ram chose, what matters is how he conducted himself after his decision.
This is all it is, no matter what world will throw at you, it is not 100 % your choice, but what you make out of it is 100% yours.

Leaving it on the readers to decide whether to use a full stop or a question mark at the end of the statement " Ram-The Perfect Man"

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