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Impact of Social Media on teenagers


In today's world, imagining a life without social media is difficult, if not impossible. Most of us (teenagers) check our social media profiles too often, either out of real interest or involuntary habit. It is the first thing teenagers do when they wake up and the last thing they do before sleeping, with many intervals in between. Looking through a sociological lens, this article propounds some perplexing social and psychological impact of social media on teenagers that need prudent engagement.

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Social media has turned the entire world into a “Global village”. It plays a significant role in how people interact with each other in the modern world. It has become a constant in a young person’s day to day routine. As, platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have introduced many updates in compliance with modern-day society and its needs. Which in turn helps teens to be better informed, enlightened, and keeping au courant with world developments. Also it has made teenagers more politically aware, making them more likely to vote in the future. Moreover, seeing peers doing something creative, or getting outside in nature encourages other teens to develop healthy habits. Social Media plays a big role in shaping the way teenagers think and gradually, the way they act.

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Albeit, social media for teens can be a good thing but it doesn’t come without its downfalls. Like two sides of a coin, it comes with both negative and positive sides. And, it is important to discuss ways to combat the negatives without tagging social media as a societal crime.


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Today almost every teenager possesses accounts on social networking sites and many of them are gravely addicted to it. A direct kinship exists between Social media usage and the academic performance of students. Procrastination and the online rave of the moment with social media go hand in hand when it comes to completing homework on time or concentrating during the lessons.
Impact of Social Media on teenagers
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 Attention has been shifted from books to Facebook, followed by Instagram and Twitter. It is without a doubt that there is a deviation in academic performance. To this the sting of satire are Instagram stories with questions, “Ask Me Anything??”

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Uploading your post

Teenagers go through hundreds of selfies, worrying over which ones to post online. It is no more a hidden fact that the desktop profiles(DP) and other uploads that surface on the platform of social media are all filtered and photo-shopped. What is more, youngsters in the contemporary world are polling data on how much people like them or their appearance via things like, likes, comments, and the number of followers?

Impact of Social Media on teenagers
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Often, these unrealistic standards increase the false perceptions of beauty and health in the mind of teenagers. They spend much of their time observing the lives and images of their peers. And, this leads to constant comparisons. Moreover, they have damaging effects on self-image and mental health. Also, it promotes anxiety and lowers their productivity in schools and colleges.

Cyber Bullying

Impact of Social Media on teenagers
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In today’s world the digital abyss between the do’s and don't's is more scandalous than ever before. With the evolution of chat groups such as “locker rooms” (both boys and girls locker rooms) have resulted in dilemmas such as sexualizing the opposite gender, body shaming, and passing derogatory comments. And it is no secret such incidents are shamed.
Often unintentionally, teenagers become the catalyst in the process of cyberbullying by online shaming, trolling, or boycotting an individual. Every time when the internet goes on fire over any concern, teenagers become the judge, jury, and the executioner in Social Media Trails held by the “Instagram Law Society of India” and the Instagram and Facebook stories loudly read their verdict. Such an act put immense pressure on the alleged harasser and s/he may take a drastic step as the 17-year-old boy had taken.

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The advent of social media has opened doors for both opportunities and traps and therefore teenagers ought to be more prudent before trolling someone online.

Social MEDIA distancing

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It is not a hidden fact that the social media and text messages have become so integral to teenage life. But, doing anything in excess is never a good thing, and glued to social media is definitely no different. Also, many teenagers wish to give up their social media addiction. Meeting people in real life, observing the surrounding, taking up new hobbies, reading novels, establishing mobile phone-free zones in the house and mobile phone -free hours when no one uses the phone (not even the parents) may help in overcoming the social media addiction. These small steps can keep much of the hatred, fake news, and distraction away from teenagers.
The more identities teenagers have, the more time they spend pretending to be someone they aren’t.

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