Essay on Mother's Day 2021|School essay on mother| Mother love essay

Essay on Mother's Day 2021

Essay on Mother's Day 2020
Mothers love for her child
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Mother's Day

Written By- Rajan Pathak

Mothers are the incarnation of God in children's lives. The bond between mothers and their children is stronger than the hydrogen bond and wiser than nature itself. A mother's love is unconditional and eternal. It begins from the moment she realizes she is pregnant. The warmth of her love for the baby is unmatchable. It's both strong and gentle. Loud and quiet. Unrelenting and yielding."Most caring than Other." Perhaps, this is the sole reason why even God bows before mother. And thus, to honor the love, generosity, and sacrifices of a mother and her motherhood, Mothers Day is celebrated around the globe on the second Sunday of May.

Beginning of the celebration of mother's day:

Mother's day celebrations began in 1908. Anna Jarvis, a peace activist who used to nurse the wounded soldiers of the American civil war. She wanted to honor all the mothers of the world, who work against the clock throughout the year and demand nothing in return. She began the crusade for the celebration of Mother's Day in the United States in 1905 after the death of her mother in the very same year. Due to her neverending endeavor, IN 1910, West Virginia the home state of Jarvis became the first state to declare the holiday for the occasion. Later, most of the US states by 1911 started celebrating Mother's Day as a local holiday and West Virginia, the year 1910. Since then, every second Sunday of May is celebrated as mother's day.

The Different Roles of mother

Essay on Mother's Day 2020

Mothers are not only the first teacher but also the first friend and obviously the first love of their children. They are the fairy of their tales. They understand everything even before the child, uttering a single word. Unlike, Doremon, she don't have gazets to solve problems, but her smiling face untangle all the misery and frets in her child's world. They are the constant source of strength not only for the child but also for the father and the family. She got some magical powers as she can take up any role and perform it to perfection. If her child is ill, she is the best nurse, if her child is hungry, she is the best chef, and if the child needs lessons, she is the best teacher. 

The Celebration 

Mother is not just a word but peerless emotion. They are the replica of God in the eyes and the hearts of little children. No form of love is as pure and shrine as the love of a mother. The debt of her sacrifices is so high that one can never compensate for it, but at least we can show our gratitude to our gorgeous mother by wishing her on Mother's Day. Hence, every child celebrates this auspicious day to show love and gratitude to their mother.
 Children prepare hand-made cards and bestow other gift items to make their mother feel special. Mothers are given a day off from their daily chores, food is prepared by their children as they try to give endless happiness to her. Selfie with mother's are posted on various social networking sites.

The Greeting

Essay on Mother's Day 2020
Lord Krishna with her mother
Painted by Prachi Chaturvedi

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Without mother, life would have been insufferable. Her presence in the world provides solace to our miseries. Even if, every day is celebrated as mother's day it won't give the cost of her sacrifice and struggle. And thus, not only on the second Sunday of May but every day of the calendar greet your mother with these words-
Dear Maa, Happy Mother's Day!!
A Big Thank You for All your efforts and sacrifices. 

"Mother to be honored, because She is God’s representatives and our greatest benefactors."

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