You are stud bro / English poems

You are stud bro / English poems

"you are stud Bro" is a statement that boys come across every day. But nobody ever asks them if they really want to be a stud or not? What if they want to be just humans? Is there anything wrong about being a normal human....?

Well before you answer this, Read this poem.


Credit Ig @essaylikhnewala

Let's talk about the current situation 
Where iPhones, iPods, and
 pubg have become
Talk of the nation.
Where Snapchat and intsa
 are uber cool
But a guy being emotional 
is called a fool.
I have heard that boys don't cry
Oh they are strong and masculine
Burden  them with pressure
They would still smile 
Robust for the world but 
with a frail heart inside.
Wiping in a corner
Away from everyone's sight.

My friend, it's your time,
hell with these stereotypes
You cry you scream,
 you shriek, you squeal.
You are human who is meant to express your desire,
Not societal robot commanded to move left and right. 
Your tears show your strength 
Being afraid isn't cowardice. 
You have the same blood as 
Everyone else, 
Still, you are unique and unalike.  

Let go of the suffering 
that you hold inside 
The pain and torture that is left  
unspoken the whole time.
When they say ki ' mard ko dard nhi hota' 
You show them the scars you hide. 
The battle you have fought with people and yourself 
Don't need validation and perimeters right? 
Boys don't Cry
You have it all the darkness and light. 
It's okay to be unsure, it's okay to be petrified  
It's okay to be macho and yet fragile.

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Unknown said...

This world is full of psudo feminists. Where they talk abt girls feelings and rights,ans in this patriarchal society we dont think abt how a boy feels when is he go through depression,even boys dont share all this coz they they know they ll get a laughter instead of sympathy unlike girls. We r the next gen of our country,lets change this mentality that "boys dont cry/they dont have feelings." every boy is a unique set of diamonds.. thanks to #essay_likhne_wala for discussing on such topics!

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