The Impact of Lockdown on the Environment

The Impact of Coronavirus Lockdown on the Environment

It took a virus to create space for other species. Tangible improvement in nature can be seen. The impact of coronavirus lockdown on the environment is the only good news available.
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The Impact of  Lockdown  on the Environment
Earth is healing amid worldwide lockdown

Novel “Noble” coronavirus for environment

We live in the Anthropocene, a period of human domination where exploitation of natural resources had become the characteristic feature of the period. But, human lockdown during coronavirus pandemic has offered a much-needed break to the natural world. We have had forgotten that we largely depend on Mother nature and have become ignorant towards taking care of it.
As we know modern life is on pause with millions of us stuck at home as the government tries to curb the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, years of inexorably increasing human footprint on the earth has expeditiously lessened. The air in our lungs, the tweets in our ears, and even the ground beneath our feet provide a glimpse of just how quickly we could clean and revitalize our environment. The lockdown allowed the city residents to properly see the blue sky for the first time. No crystal ball is needed to predict that the current situation is a by-product of managing the coronavirus pandemic.

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The kit-kat break

Millions of money are expended every year and thousands of meetings have convened to address an insurmountable issue of degradation of the environment and natural resources. We have had become ignorant in taking care of nature. But a 40day (as of now) lockdown has helped nature to heal itself. It was solely the responsibility of human beings to conserve nature but it was the virus that manifested to save the environment.
To curb the spread of Covid-19, an unprecedented lockdown is implemented by the government, putting the Industrial economies, supply chains, essential commodities, public health services, tourism, service sectors, and various other activities to a standstill. It is the economy of both developing and developed nations that are worst affected by the lockdowns. Albeit, this shutdown could not extinguish the pandemic but have resuscitated the environment.

The only GOOD NEWS                               

Nature is healing in a way never seen before in the living history of many city dwellers. Fewer drivers on the roads and lesser planes in the air have brought down pollution.  Outside air feels light and clean. According to WHO, Air pollution kills an estimated 7 million people worldwide every year. Countries are experiencing temporary falls in carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide of as much as 40%, greatly improving air quality and reducing the risks of asthma, heart attacks, and lung disease.
According to The Global Carbon Project, global carbon emission was expected to rise this year but instead might fall by around 5 percent or 2.5 billion tons. Government data shows the average concentration of PM2.5 plunged by 71 % in Delhi.  A similar picture can be seen in other parts of India and the world. We are experiencing the phase with the best air quality of the century. Thus, amid this coronavirus lockdown nature is healing and this is the only good news to share.

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Spiderman Wildlife: Home-coming  

With humans confined to their houses, animals seem to be getting the much-needed space. From flamingos gather in Mumbai to Sika deer seen in Japan, a range of wildlife were spotted in cities. It took a national curfew to let people see animals outside of the national parks. Nilgai was spotted on the empty streets of Noida. Also, an elephant was spotted strolling on the streets of Kerala. Moreover, the Coyotes, who are normally timid of traffic were spotted in San Francisco, and Deer were seen grazing near Washington.
The Impact of  Lockdown  on the Environment
  flamboyance spotted at Mumbai's Marine Drive 

 Curtailing of shipping due to coronavirus, consequences for drop-in underwater noise pollution which allowed scientists to study the effects of quieter oceans on marine wildlife. Dolphins were spotted in the seafront on Mumbai’s Marine Drive. Furthermore, after 30 years, South Asian River Dolphins Return to The Ghats of Kolkata.
The Impact of  Lockdown  on the Environment
South Asian River Dolphins Return to The Ghats of Kolkata

 It took a virus to create space for other species. And we shall celebrate that nationwide lockdown has given wildlife a 'feeling of security'.


This lockdown has changed the way we think of change. According to the Central Pollution Control Board, a substantial drop in industrial wastewater discharges amid nationwide lockdown has revitalized the otherwise polluted Ganga.  The water quality of Ganga at Har-ki-Pauri in the city of Haridwar has been classified as fit for drinking.  Besides Ganga, the pollution level in rivers like the Yamuna and the Gomti has dropped. Also, in Venice, famous for winding canals water qualities appear to have improved amid Italy’s coronavirus lockdown.
The Impact of  Lockdown  on the Environment
water at har-ki-Pauri ghat  in Haridwar fit for drinking

Moreover, inhabitants of northern India are seeing the view of the Himalayan mountain range for the first time in their lives, due to the drop in air pollution caused by the nationwide lockdown.

FAKE news rises 

The Impact of  Lockdown  on the Environment
ozone layer gap being closed due to???

In keeping with the spirit of the age, there are some fake memes and videos available on social networking sites. Much of the idea may appeal claiming the ozone layer gap being closed due to lockdown. Whereas, the plugging of the ozone layer has nothing to do with the Covid-19 lockdown. Also According to scientists, it has been driven by unusually strong and long-lived polar vortex, the high altitude currents that bring cold air to the Polar Regions. This is not related to the change in air quality. Also, dolphins did not return to the canals of Venice (Italy) nor did the drunken elephant invaded China’s Yunnan province. Distancing, both from people and fake news is equally important in the light of lockdown.

The Clearway 

The Impact of  Lockdown  on the Environment
clean environment - pic by Ankit Patel

With less human movement the planet has literally appeased. The sky seems clearer, the air feels breathable. With a drastic drop in noise pollution, the song of rain, the melody of birds can be heard. But the sky, the air, the raindrops, and the birds were always there, it is we who are experiencing them anew as we are locked in our home, and living our life at a pace slower than usual. The lockdown has helped humanity to emerge from the horror environment into a healthier, cleaner world. Indeed, it’s the pandemic that has cleaned up the environment. But now it is the global community’s duty to carry the task forward.

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