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The festival of Dussehra: Vijayadashami| Festival essays

The festival of Dussehra: vijaydashmi
written by: Rajan Pathak
Dussehra is one of the well-known carnival commemorated in Hindu mythology. And also one of the most enjoyed festivals in India. It is celebrated with surpassing love and enthusiasm throughout the country. It is the time for rejoicing for everyone. 
There are mythological stories behind the great Dussehra festival. Once upon a time, the Prince of Ayodha, Prince Rama, along with his wife Sita and his brother Laxman, undertook 14 yrs of exile. When the exile period was about to end, the demon king Ravana abducted Sita. Lord Ram went to Lanka (present-day Sri Lanka), constructing a bridge made up of stones on the Indian ocean. Fought a 31 day battle with the demon, and finally, on this day, Lord Rama killed the devil king Ravana. Since then, this day is known as 'Vijayadashami'. As per the Hindu calendar, the day befalls on the tenth day of Ashwin month.
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 Dussehra celebration symbolizes the conquest of light over darkness, good over bad, and truth over evil. Along with India, the great day is observed in neighboring countries such as Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh. Almost in every corner of India, beautiful plays are organized, describing the story of Ramayana, which is followed by burning the effigies of evil demon king Ravana, his son Meghdoot and brother Khumbhkarna. It shows us the importance of truth and righteousness. It makes us believe in the light at the end of the tunnel.

 People burn firecrackers and enjoy this festival with great enthusiasm and happiness. People along the country organize the program showing the role of Lord Rama, how he killed Ravana, depicting the victory of truth over sin and evil power. This program locally called "Ram Leela".

 Schools and Colleges also organizes drama and program and celebrate this festival among the students. On this day, everyone wear  new clothes and visit the near by fairs and enjoy the festival. 
The festival of Dussehra: vijaydashmi

Dussehra carries a lot of importance in the Hindu religion. It teaches us, we should always be with truth and on the right path because in the end it is the truth that prevails. However, people from all walks of life witness the marvelous act of burning Ravana. As this is the victory of truth and goodness we should also boycott the wrong practices prevailing in our society and try to make our surroundings free from all forms of crimes and ill practices and we should strive in the way forward to establish 'Ram Rajya". the right objective of celebrating Dusshers would be achieved on the day when no Ravana would dare to abduct the dignity of Sita. we all should pledge, this Dussehra will not only burn the effigies of Ravana but also the burn the Ravana who resides more or less inside us.
Wishing you all, Ravana free nation and Happy Dusshera.

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