Essay on Stay Home, Stay Safe| Essay on lockdown in india|

Stay Home, Stay Safe: The New Social Mantra


Back in normal days who among us  have, had ever thought home as a place not only to meant to protect us from bad weather, but also from deadly virus.  The deadly coronavirus is going to stay around for a while, Vaccines are going to be slow in coming; and hence Stay home, Stay safe is the new social mantra.
Stay Home, Stay Safe: The New Social Mantra



The home and the Lakshman Rekha drawn around it not only stymies the choices, freedoms, and intense yearning but also the chance of getting infected by a coronavirus. This threat is now, not in the future; it is here simultaneously for everyone, not for someone else and somewhere else; its casualties are around us, not in far away, and hence human imagination is finding it difficult to fathom how and when this will come to an end. I would not count a guess at the final comprehensive impact of the coronavirus on India or the world. There is no crystal ball to predict that. Moreover, the normal of the future would be based on the successful development of the vaccine. In this battle of nerves, Scientists are turning every stone – seeing if existing antivirals and antiparasitic medicines will work against this new virus. Researchers are also working against the clock to develop a vaccine, but the truth is – a solution is yet to be found, any vaccine for COVID-19 may still be months away. Till then, staying inside the Lakshman Rekha is need of the hour.


By now every intellectual who’s following the global outcry of this epidemic knows that the pandemic started from China. China had a lockdown of about three months after which, the city of Wuhan, the epicenter of the epidemic, resumed normal work. In like manner, worldwide, social distancing is seen as a way to reduce the spread of the disease until health systems are able to cope with it and a vaccine is developed. The World Health Organization, which has officially declared the outbreak a pandemic, has called on “all countries to continue efforts that have been effective in limiting the number of cases and slowing the spread of the virus.” Right now, more of humanity is likely at home than at any other time in history. Governments around the world assert home as a place of safety and shelter and hence they have told their people to stay inside their home, to slow the spread of the coronavirus. No country is in the position to rescue another; it is each one fending for itself. As a result, Billions held in place for an indefinite time, and Earth remains close.   

Avengers DON’T assemble

On March 24, the Government of India under Prime Minister Narendra Modi ordered a nationwide lockdown for 21 days, limiting the movement of the entire 1.3 billion population of India as a preventive measure. Later extending it for another 19 days. Police are working round the clock to implement home quarantine effectively. The Prime Minister himself has repeatedly asked people to maintain social distancing and follow the lockdown prudently. Epidemiologists have said that the impact of lockdown in slowing down infection would take at least three weeks to show. Well this pandemic, has forced much of humanity to cease everyday practices and jump-start new ones. Moreover, Itis going to alter not just our ways of thinking, but also the ways of conducting ourselves as individuals   

Essay on Stay Home, Stay Safe| Essay on lockdown in india|

Stay Home, Stay Safe: The New Social Mantra

The New Normal

Social distancing has resulted in people being confined to their homes, many are coming with different ways to stay positive from sharing photographs of their last trip to the latest saree-challenge, popular among the Indian females. It takes 21 days to develop a new habit. However, in a crisis, we may learn quite a few overnight. As millions out of work and billions stuck at home, those looking for ways to pass time have gotten creative. In the absence of jam-packed calendars, some warding off their boredom with their paintbrushes while others sparking the inner artist in some way or other. Exercises are performed while being locked in — yoga, pranayama, Surya namaskars, and even simple sit-ups to build muscles and enhance the immune system to fight the virus. For many, it is the ideal time to give up addictions to tobacco and alcohol. Schools and collages shuttered, the happy news didn’t last for long, teachers and professors are back on mobile screens. Women from all strata face substantial additional household work. Indeed, Every day is S-U-N-D-A-Y but no more F-U-N-D-A-Y and this is the “new normal.”  

We’re in the endgame   90’s now

The situation during lockdown is akin to the ’90s, where resources were limited, small things had great value, fresh air available in abundance, and foods were not ordered on calls. In many households where both partners work, the work from home (WFH) concept is now common. Also, the entire family is now together and enjoying the real essence of the family bond. The essence of our great epics — the Ramayana and the Mahabharata that holds a mirror to this constant interplay between individualism and collectivism, is being re-telecasted amid nationwide lockdown. Moreover, Shaktiman and other popular serials of the ’90s are re-telecasted on Doordarshan National. Games like ludo, snake and ladder, chess are back in demand.

PUBG: Players Unknown Battleground

Home is not a sanctuary but a battlefront, where many women have little defense against violence from intimate partners. Today, those who bear the brunt of the consequences of unresponsive states are the daily-wage workers, the homeless, migrants, and operators of micro-enterprises, and the rural poor— are the worst affected. They are at war not just with coronavirus but also with domestic violence, excess household chores, joblessness, hunger, and poverty. Food and shelter for all is a need for all Indians and governments must ensure rations reach everyone. In spite of the difficulties noted above, the support for the lockdown remains high.

And, I’m IRONMAN Corona Warrior

COVID-19, or corona as it is colloquially called, may seem like a war without an end. But if the community works with the government this war will end sooner rather than later. The coming months will demand the best from us. Let us make no mistake, and follow the guidelines issued by the ministry of health.

Essay on Stay Home, Stay Safe| Essay on lockdown in india|

The only chance we have of overcoming one day is by maintaining social distancing and proper hygiene especially in terms of handwashing and/or using hand sanitizer. Everyone is playing their part, including those who are contributing with forbearance and patience in tiding over the lockdown, even at the risk of life. This article would be futile if we sign off without thanking our corona warriors for their selfless service.
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