Essay on smoking among teens/ Essay on No smoking /Smokking kills essay

Smoking among teenagers: A bad habit that kills

Essay on smoking among teens

This article propounds some perplexing social and psychological consequences of smoking among teenagers a bad habit that kills hence it needs serious engagement. 


Images haunt us for a lifetime. Despite the widespread evidence that smoking can be catastrophic for health, many teenagers smoke as a way to look cool and desirable. Looking through a sociological lens, this article propounds some perplexing social and psychological consequences of smoking among teenagers that need prudent engagement. Indeed, if left unattended, this has the potential to liquidate future generations as nicotine, a primal ingredient of cigarettes is incredibly addictive, and teens are vulnerable to addictive drugs like this. Significant numbers of teens have experienced abrupt addictions and cravings soon after initiating cigarette use. Smoking among teenagers: A bad habit that kills 

Capturing fumes through the lens of teenagers

Innate curiosity gives way to Teen smoking. The process of addiction begins with peer pressure, friends offering a single sip to smoke, at that time it seems socially acceptable to teenagers but in no time it becomes bad addiction.

The millennial way

  • Often, Millennials advocate the use of cigarettes as it succors to combat stress, anxiety, and study pressure. For the apostle of teen smoking, addiction of nicotine is abaft fumes, “it is feeling of warmth and currents flowing from the pipe through lips, starts in esophagus, runs up to lungs and through the veins in the body and then into the brain, it’s such a good relaxing feeling that poised for a new day and new challenges.”  Is this merely a romantic theory with limited practical use? Not really.
  • What millennials had thought was going to be of very limited usage, well that turns into addiction in no time. Moreover, movies like KabirSingh typifies fallacy among teens, taking cigarettes as a tool for stress management and depression (the thought, the movie had given profound message, which went unnoticed among teens).

Health at stake?

  • Cigarette smoke contains around 5000 chemicals including at least 70 known to cause cancer. These cancer-causing chemicals are referred to as carcinogens. According to, World Health Organization, nearly 100 million premature deaths have been recorded in the 20th century and, the figure is set to increase to one billion by the 21st century. Smoking kills one million people in India annually and is the fourth leading cause of death due to non-communicable diseases such as cancer.
  • A study in the journal BMJ found a link between the age of smoking initiation and lung cancer. The younger who smoke, are more likely to develop lung cancer. Teens who smoke may also develop Emphysema, Stroke, and Heart disease. Teenagers who smoke are shortening their lives. If the person quits smoking, he could regain their normal function. Within 10 to 15 years, returning to the level of a person who has never smoked.
Smoking among teenagers: A bad habit that kills

The sobering conclusion

It is, most probably, not malicious intent but willful ignorance, when teenagers act in a way that could put their life as well as the life of people around them in jeopardy. Educated albeit unaware teens continue to fume. Despite the relentless awareness ushered by government and NGO’s, seem to leave no lasting imprint even when they ought to have made a bigger impact. 

Government to walk more miles...

  • The previous year, the Government of India has banned e-cigarettes saying the aim is to protect youth from nicotine addiction. The manufacturing of all form of cigarettes need to be banned. Collection of revenue cannot take place at the cost of our future generation. Ministry of health should conduct awareness drives and make strong policies to tackle the issue. Parents should get serious with their kids about the need to develop a smoke-free lifestyle. Lifestyles should be healthy.

Aware teen, smoke-free teen

    • Schools and colleges can organize seminars to spread awareness among teens. Moreover, Extra-curricular activities such as poster making, slogan writing, article writing and debate competitions, drama, and mime shows should be organized. Internet and social networking sites are deeply rooted amongst teenagers and, this can be our medium to spread the coveted message.

'Dear, Teenagers Burn calories instead of cigarettes.'


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