English poem/ Poetry on nature

English poem/ Poetry on nature

English poem/ poem on nature/ poem for recitation

The Peepal tree is changing I can see,
The front yard of my house is where it lies,
It's shedding all it's leaves
Or perhaps the leaves are leaving,  breaking all ties.
With every gust, more hideous it becomes, 
Must it not be flushed with chagrin? 
Naked it stands and no bird perches on its arms,
Should it not be miserable within? 
But, it's as calm as the sea,
Even after the storm last night,
When all others were growing pugnacious in an instant, 
It stands upright with its head held high.
I know why. I should know why. 
I've grown up seeing it.
I've witnessed its highs and lows,
When it was bright or was dim.
It's cognizant enough that everything is going to be fine,
That it need not feel insecure,
That after a few days, it won't be left alone anymore,
That its leaves will be back with even more beautiful fluorescent colors, 
And that it will be loved again. 

-Anisha Sultana

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