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15 August the day of Independence

15 August the day of Independence

Writer-Rajan Pathak

Commencement of the Independence day

 The country got independence from the British on 15 August 1947. Since then, this day is observed as Independence Day in our country.
British administrators treated us as captives until we contrived to fight back against them. To relive the significance and to relish the spirit of autonomy and liberty, we ( the citizen of an independent nation) jubilate Independence Day. Moreover, we commemorate this day to embrace the sacrifices and lives we have lost in freedom travail. Also, this auspicious day reminds us that the freedom we are enjoying is earned the hard way.

The Celebration of Independence day, 15 August

Independence day is celebrated all over India with great joy and enthusiasm. On the eve of 15th August, the President of India reads the "Address to the Nation". The Prime Minister raises the Indian tricolor on the walls of the historical front of Red Fort in Delhi on 15 August. To honor this grand happening, 21 gunshots are fired. As soon as the flag is hoisted, the national anthem, "Jana Gana Mana" is proudly sung by everyone.  

The Prime Minister pays tribute to the directors of the Indian independence struggle. This is followed by his address to the nation, where he raises significant points, highlights the preceding year's successes, and shares a future road map for the nation. The speech is accompanied by the march past of divisions of the Indian Armed Forces and paramilitary forces. Scenes from the independence struggle and India's diverse cultural traditions are showcased in carnivals. 

The Chief Ministers of individual states unfold the national tricolor, followed by parades, pageants, and similar festivities take place in state capitals.

Although it is a public holiday, the people of the land rejoice with great joy. A slew of small and big programs are arranged by schools, offices, societies, and colleges.

Schools and colleges conduct flag hoisting programs and cultural events.

School children remain excited for flag unfurling commemorations and cultural performances such as parades, speeches, and dances.  

Significant government structures are often adorned with strings of flags and flowers. Nationals decorate their attire, wristbands, automobiles, household accomplices with replicas of the Indian flag. 

In some towns and villages, there is often an evening programs like poetry events and more drama program on the occasion of this auspicious day.

The Long walk to go... 15 August

Thus, the independence day is celebrated with great rejoicing. Now we have gained political liberty. But it is not enough. Only Soldiers at the border don't have the whole responsibility to protect our nation. Likewise, we the citizen of India, hold alike responsibility in the protection of our nation from rumors that cause riots and damage public and personal properties.
Therefore, we have to strive hard to get rid of illiteracy, over-population, unemployment, and poverty. The government of India has done a lot in this direction yet much is left to be done. Above all,  We hope that our country will soon come up to the standard of the developed countries in all respect.
"Let us celebrate the richness of Free India and sustain the Dignity and Honor of being an Indian.”
Jai Hind
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